As a performing artist, Joey has racked up nearly 2000 live performances! He's performed in nearly every format from full bands to duos working with backing tracks to solo acoustic shows with only his voice and a piano or guitar.  What he learned over the years touring and playing night after night in venues large and small is that you need to connect with your audience on an emotional level in order for your performance to have any lasting effect.  A great live show can be an experience that lasts a lifetime.

       Often when artists get on stage they focus on the wrong things and their performance suffers. Having talent at your particular instrument or as a vocalist does not garauntee your success as a live performer. Have you ever wondered why some performers seem to capture the crowd's attention right away and others get drowned out by disinterested chatter? Maybe you've had this happen. Have you ever played a showcase in front of a publisher or a label and wished you had prepared with a professional who could help you hone your performance for maximum impact? Joey can help you. 

       In working closely with artists over the last 10 years as a songwriter and record producer, Joey he has helped clients who's needs extended beyond the recording studio. He will show you how to take the performance you worked so hard on in the studio and retool it for the stage. Whether it be a solo acoustic show or industry showcase he can help you take your live performances to the next level.  Joey works one on one, song by song to bring the best out in each and every one of his clients.

Overview of Areas Covered


Overall Performance Evaluation - What's working? What's not?

Strengths and Weaknesses - Vocals, Instrument proficiency, Connection with the listener.

Who's listening?  - Who is your audience?

Evaluate Song Selection - Is your material saying what you want it to say?

Break Down of Your Set - Song order, Taking the audience on a journey.

Starting and Ending - Setting the tone from the beginning. Leaving the audience wanting more.


For more information or to book a session email joey(at) or call (212)729-0989